Marcus Manganni is a NYC based sculptor and installation artist. 

Manganni’s work with light began while serving a sentence in solitary confinement. Using natural light from a distant window he created reflective structures from scarcely available prison material, scattering the natural light throughout his cell exploring his physical and social isolation. After his release Manganni continued the exploration of societal confinements. His light structures are installed in accordance with seasonal sun patterns that connect our environments to the sky, providing a consistent evolving conversation between the two. The works are ever changing pieces that  reinform our perception of space, structure, and the systems we participate in. 

Manganni is currently working on a commission for The Foundry in Queens, NY set to open August 2021. Other upcoming works include set commissions in Marfa, TX and Baltimore, MD, as well as a book release through Nihilist Publications. He was a featured artist and chosen speaker in the 2019 Young Collectors Contemporary at Crosstown Arts in Memphis, TN and was included in Museum of Contemporary Art Nashville's first show in 2018. Manganni is best known for his exterior works, collected nationally and internationally.

He can be reached via email at